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2021 - Present

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Researcher Co-I)

University of Exeter

Researcher Co-I responsible for the initial research question on NERC standard grant. This project examines whether hybridisation catalysed explosive radiation in tropical trees.

2020 - 2021

Postdoctoral Researcher 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Postdoctoral research post working on the evolution of genome size and repeat dynamics in the palm family (Arecaceae).


Postdoctoral Researcher 

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Postdoctoral research post working on the phylogenomics of economically important  tropical plant groups, including rosewoods (Pterocarpus, Leguminosae) and rattans (Calamoideae, Arecaceae).


NERC standard grant: 

Does hybridisation promote tree species diversification in the Amazon?

(June 2021)

Project assessing whether hybridisation triggered the rapid, recent diversification of Inga.

Principal Investigator: R. Toby Pennington

Co-Investigators: Alex Twyford, Kyle G. Dexter, Catherine Kidner

Researcher Co-I: Rowan Schley


2015 - 2019


Imperial College London + RBG Kew

‘Diversification and the patterns of introgression in a clade of Neotropical trees’


Dr Bente Klitgaard (RBG Kew)

Dr Felix Forest (RBG Kew)

Prof. Tim Barraclough (ICL)

  • Invited, funded speaker at the 7th International Legume Conference 2018 in Sendai, Japan (¥150,000)

  • Genetics Society Fieldwork grant (£1,000)

  • First prize for my conference talk at Young Systematists Forum 2017

  • First prize for my poster at the Imperial College London Life Sciences poster competition


2013 - 2014

MSc Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (Distinction)

Imperial College London

‘Molecular phylogenetic insights into the diversification and historical biogeography of the Sun orchids (Thelymitra, Orchidaceae). 
Grade: 84.5%


Dr Katharina Schulte (ATH)

Prof. Tim Barraclough (ICL)


  • Sir Richard E. Southwood Prize for the highest MSc grade

  • Studentship grant from the Australian Orchid Foundation to fund research at the Australian Tropical Herbarium (AU$1600)

2010 - 2013

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology (First Class Honours)

University of Portsmouth


‘Ecomorphological diversification among rapidly radiating cichlid fishes in crater lakes’.

Grade: 85%



Prof. Martin Genner (Uni. Bristol)

Dr Karen Thorpe (Uni. Portsmouth)


  • Barber Bequest prize for best field-based BSc project in the department of biological sciences

  • Studentship grant from the University of Bristol to carry out my thesis research independently (£1000)


Data analysis

  • Developing bioinformatics pipelines (Linux, R, Python)

  • Processing and analysis of High-Throughput genomic DNA sequence data in Unix (e.g. Stacks, HybPiper, Geneious, RepeatExplorer)

  • Phylogenetic techniques (e.g., MrBayes, RAxML, BEAST, ASTRAL, PhyloNetworks)

  • Population genetic techniques (e.g., FastStructure, bgc, BayEnv)

  • Repeat analysis from genomic data (e.g. RepeatExplorer)

  • Statistics and modelling in R (e.g. Evolutionary rate modelling, GLM, PGLS)

  • Biogeographical analyses (BioGeoBears, LaGrange)


Data collection and laboratory work

  • DNA library preparation and sequencing (WGrS, ddRADseq, HybSeq/Target enrichment, Sanger)

  • Technical experience with High-Throughput Sequencing platforms (Illumina MiSeq)

  • DNA quantification (Tapestation, Quantus, Bioanalyser, Nanodrop)

  • Molecular lab techniques (DNA extraction, gel electrophoresis & PCR)

  • Field techniques, including establishing forest plots and voucher specimen collection

  • Morphometric techniques (including use of the programs tpsDig and tpsRelw)

  • Identification of organisms using both field guides and dichotomous keys


Science dissemination

  • Organising panel discussions and symposia

  • Scientific publication, science communication and organisational skills



  • Population Genetics Group at Queen Mary University, London (2023)

  • British Ecological Society meeting in Edinburgh (2022)

  • Inga symposium at RBG Edinburgh (2022)

  • Systematics Association at University of Bristol (2019)

  • 7th International Legume Conference in Sendai, Japan (2018)

  • Young Systematists forum at the Natural History Museum, London (2017)

  • Legume group meeting at University of Zurich, Switzerland (2017)

  • DTP conference at Imperial College London (2017)

  • DTP conference at Kings College London (2016)



  • Population Genetics Group at Queen Mary University, London (2023)

  • Biodiversity Genomics online (2020)

  • Evolution conference in Providence, RI, USA (2019)

  • Plant Evolution Conference at RBG Kew (2019)

  • Joint Evolution Congress in Montpellier, France (2018)

  • Plant Evolution Conference at University of Cambridge (2016)

  • Population Genetics meeting at University of Edinburgh (2015)

  • Young Systematists forum at Natural History Museum, London (2015)

  • Systematics Association at University of Oxford (2015)


Review Editor:

  • Frontiers in Plant Science - Plant Systematics and Evolution



  • Systematic Biology

  • New Phytologist

  • Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

  • Journal of Biogeography

  • Systematics and Biodiversity

  • Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution - Biogeography and Macroecology

  • Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics

  • Ecology and Evolution

  • Botanical Journal of the Linnaean Society


  • Supervision

    • Co-supervisor - University of Exeter PhD student

    • Co-supervisor - Quantitative Genetics MSc student, University of Edinburgh

  • Lecturing

    • Hybridisation, polyploidy & speciation - University of Exeter BSc Geography

  • Demonstrating

    • Phylogenetics practical module - RBG Kew/QMUL MSc

    • DNA extraction and Sanger sequencing - Smith College interns & 
      RBG Kew/QMUL MSc student

    • ddRADseq - RBG Kew staff

    • Bioinformatics - South China Botanical Garden MSc student

  • Thesis examining

    • MSc Biological Sciences – University of Auckland

    • MSc Biodiversity and Taxonomy of Plants – RBGE & University of Edinburgh

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